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Upon payment of the license fee, the animal control authority shall issue to the owner a tag for each dog so licensed. Each licensed dog shall be provided by the owner with a suitable collar or harness which shall be worn by the animal at all times when it is off the owner’s premises. To such collar or harness shall be affixed a license tag provided by the animal control authority for the current year for which a license has been procured; provided, that a collar and license tag need not be worn by a show dog when under the control of its handler at an authorized show. Such license tag shall be so affixed as to hang and be discernible to a person of normal vision at not less than 10 feet. The license tag shall be stamped with the number and year for which it is issued. As an alternative to a license tag, at the option of the owner, a dog may be identified as licensed by being tattooed on its right ear or on its inside right thigh or groin with a license number approved or issued by the city animal control authority. (Ord. 06C-09 § 1; Ord. A-69 § 1, 1988).