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The shoreline environmental designations map, dated March 3, 2011, as shown in Appendix F, is adopted as the official Mercer Island shoreline environmental designations map. The digital map is available in the online version of the Mercer Island City Code at All shorelands within the city are designated. Different areas of the city’s shorelands have different natural characteristics and development patterns. As a result, two shoreline designated environments are established to regulate developments and uses consistent with the specific conditions of the designated environments and to protect resources of the Mercer Island shorelands. They are:

A. Urban Park Environment. This environment consists of shoreland areas designated for public access and active and passive public recreation. The areas include, but are not limited to, parks, street ends, public utilities and other publicly owned rights-of-way. The uses located in this environment should be water-dependent and designed with no net loss to the ecological functions of the shorelands. Restoration of ecological functions is planned for these areas and is strongly encouraged. The preferred and priority use in the urban park environment is public access to, and enjoyment of, Lake Washington.

B. Urban Residential Environment. The purpose of the urban residential environment is to provide for residential and recreational utilization of the shorelands, compatible with the existing residential character in terms of bulk, scale, type of development and no net loss of ecological functions of the shorelands. The preferred and priority use in the urban residential environment is single-family residential use. (Ord. 19C-06 § 1 (Att. A)).