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19.09.090 Building pad.
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A. Designation. New subdivisions shall designate a building pad for each lot as follows:

1. The building pad shall be located to minimize or prevent impacts as indicated in the following:

a. Removal of trees and vegetation required for retention pursuant to Chapter 19.10 MICC shall be prevented;

b. Disturbance of the existing, natural topography as a result of anticipated development within the building pad shall be minimized;

c. Impacts to critical areas and critical area buffers shall be minimized, consistent with the provisions of Chapter 19.07 MICC; and

d. Access to the building pad shall be consistent with the standards contained in MICC 19.09.040.

2. Building pads shall not be located within:

a. Required front, rear, or side yard setbacks;

b. Streets or rights-of-way; and

c.  Critical areas, buffers or critical area setbacks; provided building pads may be located within geohazard hazard areas and associated buffers and setbacks when all of the following are met:

i. A qualified professional determines that the criteria of MICC 19.07.160(B)(2) and (3), Site Development, are satisfied;

ii. Building pads are sited to minimize impacts to the extent feasible; and

iii.  Building pads are not located in steep slopes or within 10 feet from the top of a steep slope, unless such slopes, as determined by a qualified professional, consist of soil types determined not to be landslide prone.

3. No cross-section dimension of a building pad shall be less than 20 feet in width.

B. No Designated Building Pad.

1. New development proposals on a lot without a previously designated building pad area shall establish a building pad consistent with the provisions of subsection A of this section.

2. A building pad on a large lot shall also comply with the provisions of MICC 19.02.020(I).

C. New buildings shall be located within the building pad established by subsection A or B of this section. Legally established nonconforming portions of existing buildings and additions made pursuant to MICC 19.07.130, Modifications, may be located outside of building pads. (Ord. 19C-05 § 2 (Exh. B); Ord. 17C-15 § 1 (Att. A); Ord. 10C-07 § 4; Ord. 10C-06 § 3; Ord. 05C-12 § 8).