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19.07.070 Disclosure and notice on title.
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A. The applicant shall disclose to the city the presence of critical areas on the development proposal site and any mapped or identifiable critical areas within the distance equal to the largest potential required buffer applicable to the development proposal on the development proposal site.

B. The owner of any property containing critical areas and/or buffers on which a development proposal is submitted, except a public right-of-way or the site of a permanent public facility, shall file a notice approved by the city with the records and elections division of King County. The notice shall inform the public of the presence of critical areas, buffers and/or mitigation sites on the property, of the application of the city’s critical areas code to the property and that limitations on actions in or affecting such critical areas and/or buffers may exist. The notice shall run with the land in perpetuity.

C. The applicant shall submit proof to the city that the notice has been recorded prior to approval of a development proposal for the property or, in the case of subdivisions, short subdivisions, and binding site plans, at or before recording of the final subdivision, short subdivision, or binding site plan.

D. Notices on title may be removed or amended, whichever is applicable, at a property owner’s request, after approval by the city if it is documented that the information contained in an existing notice is no longer accurate because a critical area has changed, for example, in its type or location, or if the notice is proposed to be replaced with a notice containing updated information. (Ord. 19C-05 § 1 (Exh. A)).