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Code reviser’s note: This section has been added by Ordinance No. 19C-02, an interim ordinance that is in effect until July 15, 2019. Ordinance No. 19-10 extended these provisions until January 14, 2020. Ordinance No. 19-22 extended these provisions until July 13, 2020. Ordinance No. 20-11 extended these provisions until January 12, 2021.

The following provisions establish standards for small cell facilities deployments; provided, however, that any small cell or small cell network component which is not exempt from SEPA review shall also comply with Chapter 19.07 MICC:

A. Small Cell Facility Approval Required. Small cell facilities are permitted in all zoning designations subject to a Type II land use review process pursuant to Chapter 19.15 MICC. In addition to the small cell approval, one or more right-of-way use permits may also be required for small cell deployment.

B. Previously Approved Small Cells on Existing or Replacement Utility Poles. Eligible small cell facilities permitted under the provisions of a franchise approval prior to the adoption of these standards shall be considered to have satisfied the design and concealment standards when installed and maintained in accordance with the franchise agreement.

C. Replacement Utility Pole – Street Lighting. With the express permission of the city, a replacement utility pole or a new utility pole may be permitted in the form of a new street light standard. The design of the street light standard shall be in accordance with the city lighting requirements in effect at the time of application. Wherever technologically feasible, all equipment and cabling shall be internal to the replacement street lighting standard, or concealed through the design and implementation of a concealment plan.

D. Undergrounded Utility Areas. A service provider or infrastructure company desiring to locate any aboveground infrastructure in an undergrounded utility area shall provide a separate, standalone pole. Pole design to be approved by the city pursuant to MICC 19.06.075. (Ord. 19C-02 § 3 (Exh. A)).