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A. All public and private storm water facilities required by the applicable manual to provide permanent storm water treatment and/or flow control shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the standards contained in the applicable manual.

B. All storm water treatment and flow control facilities shall be inspected annually, but may be reduced based on inspection records. Owners of private facilities shall be responsible for maintenance, inspections and corrections. Records of facility inspections and maintenance actions shall be retained for a period of at least five years. These maintenance records are to be provided to the city upon request.

C. All storm water treatment and flow control facilities shall be cleared of debris, sediment and vegetation as conditions warrant, when they threaten to affect the functioning and/or design capacity of the facility, but not less than annually.

D. Where the lack of maintenance is causing or contributing to a violation of water quality criteria, property damage or threatens the welfare or safety of the public, actions shall be taken to correct the problem as soon as reasonably feasible.

E. When an inspection identifies an exceedance of the maintenance standard, maintenance shall be performed within the following time period:

1. Within one year for typical maintenance of facilities, except catch basins;

2. Within six months for catch basins;

3. Within two years for maintenance that requires capital construction of less than $25,000; and

4. Within the time frame determined by the city manager or his/her designee for maintenance that requires capital construction greater than $25,000.

The city manager or his/her designee may order corrective maintenance to occur within a specific time period.

F. Sediment, oil, street or parking lot sweepings and any material containing pollutants shall be properly disposed of at an approved waste facility or, if appropriate, in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 173-303 and 173-304 WAC.

G. The city manager or his/her designee shall design and develop an inspection program for facilities and systems for both public and private systems in accordance with the goals and objectives and intent of the applicable manual.

H. Any failure of a storm water system, BMPs, erosion and sedimentation control, or water quality protection measures in any new development or redevelopment shall be repaired and/or retrofitted in accordance with the applicable manual. (Ord. 17C-09 § 1; Ord. 09C-09 § 1; Ord. 95C-118 § 1. Formerly 15.09.050).