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A. There is hereby created and established, by the adoption of this chapter and the provisions therein, a city storm water management program, hereinafter referred to as “the program.” The program shall set forth the primary authority and responsibility for carrying out the Action Agenda for Puget Sound including, but not limited to, responsibilities for planning; establishment of requirements for new development and redevelopment; public education efforts to educate citizens; design, construction, maintenance, administration, operation and improvement of the city’s storm and surface water system; as well as establishing standards for design, construction, and maintenance of improvements and related activities on public and private property where these may affect storm and surface water and/or water quality.

B. The city manager or his/her appointed designee shall be the administrator of the program. (Ord. 17C-09 § 1; Ord. 09C-09 § 1; Ord. 95C-118 § 1).