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8.1The City shall encourage the consolidation and shared use of utility and communication facilities where feasible. Examples of shared facilities include towers, poles, antennae, substation sites, cables, trenches and easements.

8.2The City shall encourage the undergrounding of all existing and new communication lines where feasible and not a health or safety threat.

8.3The City shall periodically review and revise development regulations for telecom facilities to ensure that a balance exists between the public benefit derived from the facilities and their compatibility with the surrounding environment.

8.4The City shall work with the cable communications provider to select and implement pilot projects appropriate for Mercer Island that explore the newest advances in cable technology, including interactive cable and public access.

8.5The City continues to participate in a consortium of Eastside jurisdictions to collectively analyze rate adjustments proposed by the cable communications provider.

8.6The City may allow limited well designed Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF) in Clise Park and Island Crest Park, consistent with the requirements and restrictions in the development code.

8.7The City shall encourage and work with WCF providers to increase the battery life of large cell sites.