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4.1The City shall continue to implement programs and projects designed to meet the goals and requirements of the Action Agenda for Puget Sound.

4.2The City shall actively promote and support education efforts focusing on all facets of stormwater management.

4.3The City shall maintain and enforce Land Use plans and ordinances requiring stormwater controls for new development and re-development. The ordinances shall be based on standards developed by the state Department of Ecology and shall be consistent with the policies in the Land Use Element of this plan and the goals and policies of the City’s Development Services Group.

4.4The City shall incorporate low impact development standards, and any future innovations or technologies that meet or exceed current low impact development standards, into new development and redevelopment. Low impact development standards, such as retaining native vegetation, minimizing stormwater runoff, bioretention, rain gardens, and permeable pavements should be incorporated into new development or redevelopment where feasible and appropriate.

4.5The City shall encourage and promote development that creates the least disruption of the natural water cycle, returning as much precipitation to groundwater as possible in order to extend the flow of seasonal streams into the dry season and to contribute cooling ground water to surface water features, thereby contributing to healthy fish and wildlife habitat.

Figure 2. Stormwater Drainage Basins