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3.1The City shall require that all new development be connected to the sewer system.

3.2Existing single-family homes with septic systems shall be allowed to continue using these systems so long as there are no health or environmental problems. If health or environmental problems occur with these systems, the homeowners shall be required to connect to the sewer system.

3.3Any septic system serving a site being re-developed must be decommissioned according to county and state regulations, and the site must be connected to the sewer system.

3.4The City shall actively work with regional and adjoining local jurisdictions to manage, regulate and maintain the regional sewer system.

3.5The City shall take whatever steps are economically feasible to prevent overflows.

3.6The City shall design and implement programs to reduce infiltration/inflow wherever these programs can be shown to significantly increase the capacity of the sewer system at a lower cost than other types of capacity improvements.

Figure 1. Major Sewer Facilities Service Mercer Island