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The Transportation Element of the Mercer Island Comprehensive Plan is fully consistent with the following plans:

Mercer Island Comprehensive Plan — The Transportation Element is based on the needs of, and is fully consistent with the Land Use Element.

King County and Multicounty Planning Policies — Mercer Island’s proposed transportation policies are fully consistent with PSRC’s multi-county and King County’s countywide planning policies.

Vision 2040— Vision 2040 builds upon Vision 2020 and Destination 2030 to articulate a coordinated long-range land use and transportation growth strategy for the Puget Sound region. Mercer Island Comprehensive Plan’s Land Use and Transportation Elements supports this strategy by accommodating new growth in the Town Center which is near existing and proposed future transportation improvements along the I-90 corridor.

Metropolitan Transportation Plan — The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) has updated its long-term vision of the future transportation system through the Vision 2040 and Transportation 2040 plans. The Transportation Element is consistent with these plans.

Regional Transit System Plan — Sound Transit’s Regional Transit System Plan (RTP) lays out the Puget Sound region’s plans for constructing and operating a regional high capacity transit system. Both the Land Use and Transportation Elements directly support regional transit service and facilities, and are consistent with the RTP.