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The 2035 traffic analysis uses the forecasted growth in traffic and planned changes to the regional transportation system (light rail station and associated I-90 projects). Figure 7 shows the future traffic operations at the study intersections without any changes to roadway capacity on Mercer Island.

Results of the 2035 traffic operations analysis show that five intersections would operate below the LOS standards by 2035 if improvements are not made to the intersections. In the Town Center, the two intersections of SE 27th Street/80th Avenue SE and SE 28th Street/80th Avenue SE, would operate at LOS D or worse during either the AM or PM peak hours, without improvements. Outside of the Town Center, the intersections of SE 53rd Place/Island Crest Way and SE 68th Street/Island Crest Way would operate below the LOS D standard during either the AM or PM peak hours. The WSDOT-controlled intersection at the I-90 westbound off-ramp/N Mercer Way/Island Crest Way intersection would operate at LOS E during 2035 AM peak hour. The City will work with the WSDOT to explore improvements at this intersection.