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The purpose of the urban park environment is to protect and restore ecological functions in urban and developed settings, while allowing public access and a variety of park and recreation uses.

Designation Criteria: An urban park environment designation will be assigned to publicly owned shorelands, including all parks, street ends and public access points.

Management Policies:

(1) Uses that preserve the natural character of the area or promote preservation of open space, or sensitive lands either directly or over the long term should be the primary allowed uses. Uses that result in restoration of ecological functions should be allowed if the use is otherwise compatible with the purpose of the environment and the setting.

(2) Standards should be established for shoreline stabilization measures, vegetation conservation, water quality, and shoreline modifications within the urban park designation. These standards should ensure that new development does not result in a net loss of shoreline ecological functions.

(3) Public access and public recreation objectives should be implemented whenever feasible and significant ecological impacts can be mitigated.

(4) Water-oriented uses should be given priority over nonwater-oriented uses. Water-dependent uses should be given highest priority.