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Disaster Planning and Recovery
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Maintain and enhance current community emergency preparedness and planning efforts, and provide for long-term recovery and renewal.

22.1Periodically review and update the City’s emergency management plans.

22.2Identify, and implement, necessary enhancements to the City’s emergency planning and preparedness program.

22.3Coordinate with, incorporate, and support, the emergency management preparedness and planning efforts of local, regional, state, and national agencies and organizations, with attention to impacts on vulnerable populations.

22.4Maintain current local community emergency preparedness programs, including volunteer coordination, City staff drills, and community outreach and education programs, with attention to impacts on vulnerable populations.

22.5Adopt regulations and programs to mitigate and control hazards that are created by a natural event. For example, the creation of a new landslide hazard area resulting from a naturally occurring slope failure.

22.6Continue to develop an action plan to expedite development review following an emergency event.