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Reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.

27.1Establish and support annual data gathering, and reporting on, Mercer Island GHG emission reduction targets and progress consistent with King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C).

27.2Partner with the King County-Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C) and the community to mitigate climate change.

27.3Provide public information and support to individual and community efforts to mitigate climate change.

27.4Evaluate and prioritize actions to reduce GHG emissions.

27.5Encourage the reduction of emissions from passenger vehicles through the development of zero- or low-greenhouse gas emitting transportation options and by reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips.

27.6Promote an energy-efficient built environment by:

27.6.1Focusing development where utility and transportation investments have been made;

27.6.2Promoting the use of renewable and zero- and low-GHG emitting energy sources;

27.6.3Encouraging the use of carbon-efficient building materials and building design; and

27.6.4Mitigating urban heat island effects by expanding tree canopy and vegetation cover.

27.7Promote renewable power generation in the community.