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Arts and Cultural
This unnumbered section is included in your selections.
This goal is included in your selections.

Support the arts on Mercer Island.

23.1Support implementation of and encourage community involvement in accessible, high quality performing, visual and literary arts programs, projects, and events.

23.2Provide educational art opportunities through Parks & Recreation curriculum.

23.3Maintain a citizen Arts Council, which is advisory to the City Council and that spearheads arts programming and partnerships.

23.4Promote cooperation and local partnerships between the City of Mercer Island and artists, arts providers, nonprofit organizations, urban designers, architects, developers, and others to help improve the quality of the built environment.

23.5Coordinate and collaborate with the local school district to broaden accessibility and awareness of local art opportunities and to further art education.

23.6Coordinate and collaborate with local, regional, and national arts organizations, and through public and private partners to integrate art into the community via permanent installations and special events.

23.7Assess community art needs through community engagement and public involvement.

23.8Implement a creative district and accountability strategy to complement and enhance overall city economic development strategy and to foster a thriving creative economy.


23.9.1Efforts to secure space for art and cultural activities;

23.9.2The establishment of a community maker space;

23.9.3Opportunities for housing and/or live/work space for artists; and,

23.9.4A multidiscipline-oriented community arts facility.

23.10Maintain a parity of public space for art and cultural activities when existing public art and cultural activity space is modified or eliminated.