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Mercer Island is not an island unto itself. The community is part of a regional complex that affords housing, human services, jobs, transportation, cultural and recreational opportunities. As a partner in the ever changing world of environment, economics and politics, Mercer Island has and will continue to be an active player in regional issues. However, within this framework, Mercer Island will continue to maintain local control of all significant policy issues. Likewise, active community participation and leadership are fundamental for protecting and enhancing the values and characteristics that have shaped the quality of life and livability of Mercer Island.

In relative terms, Mercer Island is a young community. However, the City adheres to a collection of intrinsic values and has a desire to shape its own future as well as be an effective regional partner. While values can change over time, they do provide the basic foundation for a host of community actions and generally reflect the “heart and soul” of the community. The values listed below are among the community’s most important and therefore deserve special attention.

Residential Community

Mercer Island is principally a single-family residential community, supported by healthy schools, religious institutions and recreational clubs.

Quality Municipal Services

Mercer Islanders need and expect safety, efficiency and continuously improving municipal services.

Fiscal responsibility

Mercer Islanders expect fiscal responsibility from their municipal services in light of limited resources and heightened competition for revenues.

Education is the Key

The community and its public and private institutions are committed to provide excellence in education.

Livability is Paramount

Our community’s values are reflected by safety and freedom from fear, physical and environmental attributes, and the cultural and recreational opportunities of our Island. This translates into the feeling that Mercer Island is “the nicest of places for everyone to live.”

Cherish The Environment

Island residents see themselves as “stewards” of the island environment. In considering community decisions, protection and enhancement of trees, open spaces, clean water and air, neighborhood quiet and environmentally sensitive lands will be given high priority.

Sustainable Community

Mercer Island strives to be a sustainable community: Meeting the needs of the present while preserving the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We consider the relationship between the decisions we make as a community and their long-term impacts before committing to them. We understand that our strength is dependent on an open and transparent decision-making process that takes into account the economic, environmental and social well-being of our community.