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The Comprehensive Plan is a dynamic document because it is based on community values and an understanding of existing and projected conditions and needs, all of which continually change. The city plans for change through the established, formal procedures for regularly monitoring, reviewing and amending the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan also represents an integrated statement of policies, consistent with regional plans and based on a broad perspective developed over many months of wide spread public involvement. Amendments to the plan should be done carefully with a view toward maintaining the internal consistency and integrity of the document.

The process for amending the Mercer Island Comprehensive Plan is established in chapter 19.15 of the Mercer Island City Code (MICC), consistent with the provisions of WAC 365-196-640. WAC 365-196-640 also states that plan amendments cannot be considered more frequently than once a year except in an emergency, and that all proposed amendments in any year must be considered concurrently so that the cumulative effect of the changes can be considered.