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4.1Every five years, adopt a Strategy Plan and Work Program identifying strategies and implementation measures that increase the City’s achievement of housing goals, including the provision of adequate accessible and affordable housing.

4.2Track key indicators of housing supply, accessibility, affordability and diversity. Key indicators include but are not limited to housing production, demolition, conversion and rezones, in addition to units affordable to moderate, low and very low income households.

4.3The City of Mercer Island shall cooperate with regional efforts to do an ongoing analysis of the regional housing market.

4.4Periodically review land use regulations to assure that regulations and permit processing requirements are reasonable.

4.5At least once every five years, the City shall evaluate the achievements of its housing goals and policies and present the findings to the City Council. This evaluation will be done in cooperation with Countywide evaluations done by the Growth Management Planning Council (GMPC), or its successor organization, and coordinated with the development of the biannual budget.