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The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires the City to create a 20-year planning document. This plan must include a housing element that makes provisions for existing and projected housing needs. The State’s GMA housing goal is to

“Encourage the availability of affordable housing to all economic segments of the population of this state, promote a variety of residential densities and housing types, and encourage preservation of existing housing stock.”

In order to accomplish this goal, Mercer Island must promote secure and well maintained residential single family and multi-family areas, while capitalizing on opportunities to increase the supply and diversity of housing. The Mercer Island Municipal Code allows for accessory dwelling units to be integrated into single-family neighborhoods, increasing the housing supply and diversity of housing types while maintaining neighborhood character. In parts of the Town Center, development can be four or five stories tall, provided significant amenities or major site features are integral to the site design. These two policies are examples of how Mercer Island’s policies support the state’s housing goal.