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Incorporated in 1960, Mercer Island is a “mature” community. Approximately 95% of the community’s residential lands have already been developed and its commercial centers are now experiencing increasing redevelopment pressures. The remaining lands to be developed are all commercial and residential infill where public facilities have long been established.

As a “mature community”, Mercer Island has made substantial investments in public infrastructure over the last forty years. As a result, the community largely has sufficient capacity in water and sewer systems, parks, schools, local streets and arterials, and public buildings (City Hall, library, fire stations, and community center) to handle projected growth. However, additional investments may be considered for park improvements as well as open space acquisition and trail development. In addition, improvements will be needed to maintain adopted transportation Level of Service (LOS) standards and to maintain existing infrastructure.

The following sections of the Capital Facilities Element inventory Mercer Island’s existing public facilities in terms of their capacity (quantity) to serve current and forecasted populations through 2035. The Element continues with a discussion of existing “Levels of Service” standards and expenditure requirements to meet those standards. This is followed by a discussion of the City’s overall capital planning and financing strategy as well as the revenues available for capital investment. The Element concludes with policies that will guide development of the City CIP and capital investments.