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Mercer Island is served by seven City-owned public buildings, the Mary Wayte Pool owned by the Mercer Island School District and operated by Olympic Cascade Aquatics, one Post Office and one King County (KCLS) Branch Library. Facility uses, locations and sizes are listed in Table 1.

During 2001, construction of a new Main Fire Station and a sizable remodel of the Thrift Shop were completed. The City became the owner of Luther Burbank Park in 2003 after transfer of the property by King County. The Mercer Island Community and Events Center was completed in 2006. The construction of Fire Station 92 at the south end of the Island began in 2014 and was completed in 2015.

Table 1. Facility uses, locations and sizes




Approx. Size



Police, Dispatch &

General Admin.

North MI

9611 SE 36th St.

32,000 s.f.

Maintenance Shop

Parks, Water, Sewer, Streets, Fleet & Bldg. Maint.

North MI

9601 SE 36th St.

15,000 s.f.

Community and Events Center

Comm. Mtgs., Recreation Programs Gymnasium and Fitness

Senior adult and Youth Programs

North MI

8236 SE 24th St.

42,500 s.f.

Main Fire Station

Fire & Emergency Aid Response & Admin.

Central Business District

3030 - 78th Ave. SE

16,600 s.f.

South Fire Station

Fire & Emergency


South End Shopping Center

8473 SE 68th St.

7,940 s.f.

Youth and Family Services Thrift Shop


Recycled Household Goods

Central Business District

7710 SE 34th St.

5,254 s.f.

Luther Burbank Park Admin. Bldg.

Mercer Island Parks and Recreation

Youth and Family Services Depts.

Luther Burbank Park

2040 – 84th Ave. SE

5,000 s.f.

Mary Wayte

Pool (Northwest Center)


Swimming Facility


8815 SE 40th St.

7,500 s.f.


Post Office

Postal Service

Central Business District

3040 78th Ave. SE

10,000 s.f.

King County

Library (KCLS)

Public Library -

Branch of KCLS


4400 88th Ave SE

14,600 s.f.