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Mercer Island has 472 acres of City parks and open space lands. This acreage comprises about 12% of the Island. Eleven City parks, open spaces and playfields are over 10 acres in size. Three parks exceed 70 acres (Luther Burbank, Pioneer Park, and Aubrey Davis Park). Island residents enjoy 20.8 acres of publicly-owned park and open space lands per 1,000 population. This compares with neighboring jurisdictions as follows: Bellevue – 21.8 acres/1000 pop.; Kent – 15.5 acres/1000 pop.; Redmond – 28.0 acres/1000 pop.; Kirkland - 19.1 acres/1000 pop. In addition to City park lands, approximately two-thirds of the Mercer Island School District grounds are available to Island residents. And, an additional 40 acres of private open space tracts are available for residents of many subdivisions on the Island. See Figure 1 for the locations and geographical distributions of the community’s parks, open space lands, street end parks, school district lands, I-90 facilities and private/semi-public facilities.